SPA regulations


  1. Please arrive minimum 5 minutes before your scheduled treatment’s starting time.
  2. In case of late arrivals for the treatment, the hotel reserves the right to shorten the treatment’s time with a simultaneous right to a full payment mentioned in the pricelist.
  3. If you would like to cancel the appointment or change the appointment time, please inform the SPA staff well in advance.
  4. In case of failure to cancel the appointment minimum 6 hours prior to the scheduled treatment, 50% of the treatment costs will be charged to the client.
  5. Please inform our staff of any health contraindications that may concern you in relation to the treatment (e.g. disease, pregnancy, ongoing or recent medical treatment, etc).
  6. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs and those with infectious diseases, skin rash or open wounds cannot use the SPA treatments.
  7. Our general recommendations:
    - avoid sunbathing right before or after the treatments,
    - avoid eating large meals before the treatments,
    - 1 hour relaxation after warm treatments.
  8. The SPA is not responsible for any jewellry or valuables brought to the wellness area by the clients.
  9. Within the whole area of the SPA, the following activities are forbidden:
    - smoking,
    - bringing food and alcohol as well as eating and alcohol drinking,
    - using mobile phones,
    - improper behaviour that may disturb any other guest's relaxation experience.