of use of sauna and steam bath in the water complex of the Olymp facility complex
  1. The right to use the sauna and bathhouse independently is vested in persons over 18 years of age.
  2. Children and minors may use the sauna and steam bath only under the supervision of adults.
  3. The sauna room may accommodate up to four persons at a time, while the steam bath may accommodate up to five persons at a time.
  4. Persons using the sauna and steam bath are obliged to familiarize themselves with the methodological rules of use.
  5. Each visitor shall take bath in the sauna or steam bath at their own risk and responsibility.
  6. The dry sauna can be used only by healthy people (it is recommended to consult a physician).
  7. For bathing in the sauna and bathhouse you need to buy shoes such as flaps, two towels or bathing costumes and one towel.
  8. It is not advisable to use the sauna after a large meal.
  9. All metal objects must be removed before entering the sauna as they can cause burns.
  10. The dry sauna bath starts with low benches and gradually turns to higher benches, depending on your mood, you can lie or sit on benches.
  11. In order to adapt the cardiovascular system to proper functioning in a standing position, it is advisable to take a sitting position with your legs lowered during the last 2-3 minutes of your stay in the sauna.
  12. Use gradual cooling of the body using the principle "from bottom to top", as rapid cooling of the body is harmful.
  13. At each stage of the bath, care should be taken to ensure that the body is well overheated and sufficiently cooled.
  14. After the sauna, you should rest for about 20-30 minutes. It is advisable to drink mineral water or juices in moderate amounts (about 0.5-1l).
  15. During and after the treatment in the sauna it is contraindicated to take physical exercise.
  16. It is forbidden to use your own fragrance and ethereal oils and other means in the sauna and bath cabin.
  17. Sauna and bath should be used in accordance with their intended use, exclusively as a form of biological regeneration. It is not allowed to destroy the equipment and contaminate the sauna and bathhouse cabin and showers.
  18. The staff has the right and obligation to check the cleanliness and efficiency of the sauna and bath facilities at any time, even when using the sauna or bathhouse by the Guests.
  19. It is forbidden to bring sharp objects, own equipment, alcohol and meals into the sauna and bathhouse.
  20. During the stay in the sauna and bathhouse, persons using the sauna are obliged to apply cultural behaviour.
  21. Users of the sauna and steam bath, whose condition indicates the consumption of alcohol, intoxicants and doping substances, will be asked to leave the sauna and in justified cases will be notified to the relevant authorities.
  22. If any defects or shortages are found, the reception desk of the facility should be immediately notified, otherwise the responsibility for the damage will fall on the persons currently using the equipment.
  23. Persons using the steam bath are obliged to maintain a safe distance from the steam outlet from the steam fireplace.
  24. For accidents and incidents resulting from non-compliance with the rules and regulations, and recommendations for safety, the facility is not responsible.
  25. Complaints and motions should be directed to the reception desk of the facility.