For children

The joy of play...
In Olymp IV we gladly host families with children. Staying by the Baltic Sea is not only fun on the beach, but also treatment and prevention. The seaside climate has a beneficial effect on a number of respiratory ailments. Sea aerosol has a beneficial effect on allergy sufferers, because the sea air is clean and free of allergens.

What amenities does Olymp IV offer for families with children?

First of all, spacious rooms with enough space to spread out the toys.

All meals you order are buffet style, so your child has plenty of choice and even the biggest poor eater will find something they like. Our buffets are very rich and colorful, which in combination with outdoor activities guarantees a great appetite. In the restaurant hall there are chairs for feeding children.

In Olymp IV children can spend time on active play in a Play Area, where they will find plenty of attractions. The playground is available for hotel Guests only.
A huge attraction for children is also the water complex, where, accompanied by adults, they can indulge in water fun.