SPA treatments

offer valid till 31.01.2025

Reservation of treatments at the SPA reception: spa@olymp4.pl tel. +48 94 35 11 870

Body massages

treatment time
(in minutes)
(in PLN)
Relaxing massage
This massage gently removes blockages and tensions. It is available for specific body parts or the whole body.
Aromatic Candle massage
Relaxing massage done with warm candle wax, which leaves your skin moisturised, silky smooth and soft, and your body relaxed.
50 240
Carite butter massage
Unwinding massage with the use of organic warm carite butter. It relaxes the muscles, and leaves your skin nourished and moisturised.
50 240
Classic massage
This pain-relieving massage improves tissues’ nourishment, regenerates the muscles and restores their tension. It is available for specific body parts or for the whole body.
Combi massage
Special massage combining two types of treatment: classic back massage and foot massage.
50 240
La Stone volcanic stone massage
This massage is done by using warm basalt stones. It heats up the muscles, removes accumulated stress, and restores balance.
50 270
Relaxation face massage
Relaxing massage for face, neck and décolleté.
25 150
Masaż Kobido
An intensive deep skin structure massage of the face, neck and cleavage. It consists of acupressure, relaxing, lymphatic and lifting massages.
60 300
Massage with herb pouches
This unique massage technique uses warm pouches filled with mixture of herbs, spices and flowers. During the treatment the content of the pouch releases wonderful scent soothing the senses while the natural oils nourish the skin and improve blood circulation.
Firming and rejuvenating massage
A relaxing massage with the use of a unique firming/rejuvenating serum.
30 180
Abhyanga revives and cleanses the body of accumulated toxins. It ensures good sleep, improves the appearance of the skin, improves eyesight and physical condition. Regular massage prevents the negative effects of stress on our body.
70 330

Body peeling

treatment time
(in minutes)
(in PLN)
Delightful Peeling
A unique scrub with the consistency of jelly. Gently cleansing, it nourishes the skin in an aromatic atmosphere of amber.
30 150
Delightful Scrub
Wonderful peeling that refreshes, revitalizes and smoothes the skin.
30 150
Peeling combined with a relaxing massage
A full-body peeling including exfoliation of the dead skin cells to restore freshness, smoothness and hydration of the skin. The massage gently removes blockages and tension.
50 250


treatment time
(in minutes)
(in PLN)
Private Sauna
Unlimited acces to a private sauna and team sauna our guests can book for exclusive use. Cosy ambience and intimate space for relaxation.
300 / 2 people
500 / 4 people

Body treatments

treatment time
(in minutes)
(in PLN)
Aromatic journeys - moisturising/nourishing mask
Soothing mask that gives a feeling of hydration and nourishment. Guaranteed soft skin effect.
30 150
Modeling - firming and rejuvenating treatment
This is a comprehensive treatment that aims to improve the appearance of the body. The peeling is combined with a smoothing and firming massage.
50 300
Ritual Sensation of the Orient
A unique treatment inspired by the rituals of the Far East: treatment with a syrup preparing the skin for a peeling, followed by a modeling massage with an aim of optimal nourishment and strengthening of the skin. This is an experience of pure relaxation and the restoration of perfect well-being.
60 400
Hanakasumi ritual
A unique procedure of the treatment, inspired by Japan: peeling done with exfoliating gloves, a nourishing full body massage and a special, relaxing foot massage. The whole experience takes place in a relaxing atmosphere of aromas of cherry and lotus flowers.
60 350

Facial treatments

treatment time
(in minutes)
(in PLN)
Soothing treatment
This unique facial treatment uses special thermal water (SpaTM Thermal Water*), enabling the care of sensitive skin. Restores comfort and soothes irritations.
50 280
Corrective Treatment
In this 4-stage treatment, concentrated active substances help the skin regain its healthy appearance, freshness and uniform color.
50 250
Seasonal treatment
During this treatment, designed for the change of season, a dose of oxygen combined with a cocktail of minerals or vitamins strengthens and revitalizes the skin's defense system. This treatment is recommended especially before winter and/or before summer.
50 260
Organic brightening treatment
A quick and effective facial treatment that gives the skin: elasticity, comfort and illumination at an express pace.
40 230
Intensive rejuvenating treatment TRI-COMPLEX™ SAFFRON - SOFORA - PEPTIDES 1
A comprehensive treatment that aims to combat the signs of skin aging: reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing skin sagging. Five steps of the treatment, eight specific formulas, efficiency and unforgettable relaxation, in order to obtain visibly younger skin.
75 450
Hydra 3Ha intensively rejuvenating treatment
An exclusive, moisturising and rejuvenating ritual created to hydrate all skin types, based on a special protocol of six unique phases and exclusive Digi-esthétique® massage techniques, combined with modern active ingredients.
75 450


  1. Please arrive minimum 5 minutes before your scheduled treatment’s starting time.
  2. In case of late arrivals for the treatment, the hotel reserves the right to shorten the treatment’s time with a simultaneous right to a full payment mentioned in the pricelist.
  3. If you would like to cancel the appointment or change the appointment time, please inform the SPA staff well in advance.
  4. In case of failure to cancel the appointment minimum 6 hours prior to the scheduled treatment, 50% of the treatment costs will be charged to the client.
  5. Please inform our staff of any health contraindications that may concern you in relation to the treatment (e.g. disease, pregnancy, ongoing or recent medical treatment, etc).
  6. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs and those with infectious diseases, skin rash or open wounds cannot use the SPA treatments.
  7. Our general recommendations:
    - avoid sunbathing right before or after the treatments,
    - avoid eating large meals before the treatments,
    - 1 hour relaxation after warm treatments.
  8. The SPA is not responsible for any jewellry or valuables brought to the wellness area by the clients.
  9. Within the whole area of the SPA, the following activities are forbidden:
    - smoking,
    - bringing food and alcohol as well as eating and alcohol drinking,
    - using mobile phones,
    - improper behaviour that may disturb any other guest's relaxation experience.