Room reservation

regulations and other hotel services for individual customers in Olymp IV SPA & Wellness
This document regulates the rules of making a reservation, cancelling a reservation, paying for the reservation and the validity of the reservation.


Reservation of the stay can be made by :
  1. filling in and signing the contact form on the website and sending it to the Facility in electronic form,
  2. making a reservation directly from the website www.olymp4.pl
  3. sending the reservation order in writing: by registered letter, fax or in electronic form (e-mail),
  4. telephone order of stay,
  5. personal, written confirmation of the reservation at the hotel reception desk.

After making a reservation, according to the procedure described above, the Facility will send a confirmation of the reservation to the e-mail address, postal address or fax number provided by the Guest.
A necessary condition for making a legally binding reservation is payment by the booking guest of a non-refundable advance payment of 30% of the total value of the booked stay within 3 working days from the time of booking.
The advance payment referred to above should be made to the Facility in the form of bank transfer, cash or credit card charge with the written consent of the hotel Guest.
The advance payment should be made within the time limit specified on the booking confirmation. Failure to pay the advance payment within the specified time limit on the booking confirmation is understood as cancellation of the stay by the Guest. Return of the advance payment in justified cases may take place only 21 days before the planned date of stay.
The payment is settled by a vat advance invoice.

In order to receive a Vat invoice for the company, the Guest is obliged to send the data to the invoice at the time of payment of the advance payment. Lack of such information will result in issuing an invoice to the person paying, without the possibility of later change.
In accordance with Article 106b(5) of the VAT Act, from 01.01.2020, in the case of sales confirmed by a fiscal receipt, an invoice to the taxpayer of tax or value added tax is issued only if the receipt confirming the sale includes the VAT number.
For receipts without VAT number it is possible to issue an invoice only for a natural person.

The date of prepayment shall be the date on which the Olymp IV bank account is credited.

Please direct your deposit to the bank account number of Olymp IV Spa & Wellness.

Bank account: 08 2490 0005 0000 4600 9554 9065
Alior Bank

Reservation will not be made effectively in the event of failure to pay the advance payment within the period specified above, or lack of funds on the credit card. Please note that at Olymp IV the settlement period is 3 days, which means that each guest staying at the Facility for more than 3 days is required to pay a fee for the used stay and services within 3 days of the date of commencement of the stay.
The Facility reserves the right to demand payment "in advance" in the case of Guests staying there for the first time and in the case of a stay of one day.

Olymp IV reserves the right, in justified cases, to ask the Guest to increase the amount of credit protection on his/her credit card or to pay for hotel services in advance. The use of additional hotel services under the terms of "Hotel credit" (hotel bill) is possible only after the Guest has signed the bill for the provided hotel or catering service in the points of sale.
The value of the hotel services booked shall be calculated in accordance with the price list of the Facility and/or special offers valid on the date of booking.


It is possible to cancel the reservation, however, only for important reasons, justified and documented by the Guest in writing.
  1. Cancellation conditions.
    In case of cancellation of the reserved stay by a Guest, the following rules apply:
    • the advance payment can be returned only in case of cancellation of the reservation 21 days before the start of the stay. In case of cancellation of a reservation with a refund, a handling fee of PLN 50.00 will be deducted;
    • in case of cancelling the reservation within less than 21 days, the advance payment is not refundable;
    • in the absence of arrival "no show" without cancelling the non-returnable reservation, the Guest is obliged to cover 100% of the value of the booked stay.

    The difference between the payment made for the reservation and the cancellation fee (if any) will be returned to the Customer in the form of a transfer to the bank account indicated by him/her.
    The cancellation fee will be deducted from the amount of the advance payment or from the amount of the stay paid, or collected from the credit card.
    Cancellation of a reservation must be made in writing in order to be valid. In the absence of a written cancellation, the reservation after the start date will be treated as a "no-show".
  2. Shortening of stay
    Shortening the stay is treated as resignation after the cancellation date, and therefore involves the payment of the bill for the entire duration of the declared stay.
  3. Personal data
    In the course of making a Reservation in the Facility, the booking Customer agrees to place his/her personal data in the database of the service. This data will be used only to enable the full booking process and marketing purposes in accordance with the regulations of 28.09.1997 on the protection of personal data and RODO.
  4. Acceptance of the Regulations
    Making a reservation means accepting the regulations.


Check-in begins at 15.00 hours and ends at 11.00 hours.
Prices given in the hotel price list are gross prices.
OSW Olymp IV reserves the right to change prices and to apply a separate price list for holidays, vacations and long weekends.

The room price includes (except for certain packages):
  • accommodation in a room of a selected standard
  • breakfast buffet
  • use of the swimming pool with saunas, Jacuzzi and fitness room at the designated times
  • the possibility of using wireless Internet
  • playroom for children
  • playground for the youngest

Additional fees:
  • resort tax
  • unguarded parking (reservation required in advance).

If you wish to book a date for a service provided by SPA offices, please enter this information in the contact form available on our website. The staff of the Facility will contact you immediately by sending you a confirmation of the reservation of the date of realization of additional services.
The intention of the Facility is always to amicably solve all problems related to the implementation of these Regulations and the benefits provided by the Facility. In case of inability to reach an agreement between the Facility and the Guest in any case, the competent court for resolving any disputes is the District Court in Kołobrzeg.